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the FRESH RIVIERA French Corner.

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This « CORNER » offer is meant to generate an escaping experience for the customers.

The positioning strategy focuses on a range of delicious products that complement each other, creating a promotional virtuous circle. Overview brochure


The French Fine Delights
overview in 5 points

Our aim is to offer you the best French food experience from the French Riviera, Provence, South of France.

1.Who are we?

A London-based company composed of French professionals specialising in procurement of Artisanal Food & Beverage from the South of France.

Our main French Fine Delights come from our firm clustering, a close partnership in which each producer communicates under the FRESH RIVIERA brand, ensuring an authentic South of France origin.

The range of authentic specialities of the South of France can also get in a « FRESH RIVIERA FRENCH CORNER » including the products of all producers of our firm clustering.

2.Market observation

In many foreign countries, there are numerous ethnic corners and delicatessen shelves with for example Italian, Mexican or Asian delights. Nevertheless, the French ethnic range is underdeveloped or even non-existent.

However, France is the first agro-food producer in Europe with famous artisanal gastronomic products, thus making the country able to meet the needs of all consumers.

Our mission is to ease the procurement and distribution of authentic premium quality Food & Beverage goods produced in the French Riviera, Provence, South of France.

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3.What are our strengths?

– A professional network with producers of French Artisanal Food & Beverage built on solid and long-term relationships.

– The dedicated FRESH RIVIERA Culinary Academy and Sourcing Office is located in Provence where our French Chefs taste and select the best ingredients to provide exclusive and authentic products adapted to several foreign markets.

– Our “FRESH RIVIERA” brand is a high-guarantee of authentic regional quality.

Delicatessen corners, packaging and labels are always suited to the intercultural aspect of your targeted market and of course translated in your mother tongue.

        – Moreover, if you are looking for a specific taste, range or product, our FRESH RIVIERA Sourcing Department can work in exclusive partnership with your Procurement Department in order to guarantee the best quality price ratio for personalized and adapted products dedicated to your targeted customers.

4.Our specialities: In the Food category

we can provide two ranges:

Artisanal premium quality products dedicated to the delicatessen corners and groceries networks.
High-quality products dedicated to human-sized “upmarket” supermarkets and ethic distribution politics.

Olive oil and delight sauces

black tapenade, sweet pepper, aioli in olive oil, anchovy cream, artichokes delight in olive oil, pistou delight in olive oil, dried tomatoes delight in basil, cep mushrooms delight, eggplant caviar in olive oil, sardine delight with white wine, tuna delight with white wine, rouille sauce in olive oil, and others…

Authentic terrines

quail terrine with morel mushrooms, hare terrine with hazelnuts, duck magret with cognac, pheasant terrine with Porto, Saint Hubert roe terrine, duck terrine with pistachio, wild boar terrine with rosemary,partridge terrine with Porto, St Jacques shells with lemon, trout terrine with chives, smoked salmon terrine with dill, and others…

 In the Beverage category

The beverage production enables to provide any type of store from delicatessen to massive supermarkets.

Fine drinks

French Anisette, French Beer, Fine limoncello, French fine vodka, French wines, champagne and others…

Additional sales

Furthermore, it is seen that the most appreciated additional sales in the South-of-France corners and ethnic shelves are the authentic regional wellness products (Soap of Marseille, Lavender sachets and other natural and organic cosmetics composed of lavender, olive or donkey milk and other ingredients coming from Provence).

Traditional Sweets & Bakery

Provencal Biscuits, Berlingots, Calissons, Nougats, Meringues, Picholines, and others…



Our quality position leads us to focus on genuine partnerships with the possibility of exclusive rights for ethic partners.

For an overview of our selected artisanal products, click here, you like it? You can ask for our Food & Beverage Detailed Catalogues via the contact form below.

Beyond our restaurant network, we are looking for partners to distribute these French regional products in a strong cooperation toward the upmarket retail distribution.

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To receive our full catalogues, feel free to contact us